Our mission can be broken down into four main components: Education, Vocational Training, Micro-Business Financing, and Community Health Care.


Sponsoring very poor children (Grades 1-12) to attend free schools with costs they can't afford, and providing supplemental food and health care for the entire family. 

We are partnering with RCEF, Rwanda Children Education Foundation, which is run by a volunteer staff with an office in Kigali, Rwanda, the Capital city. Executive Director Jeanine Mukarubega lives in a community of Rwandan refugees that have settled in New Hampshire for the past 20 years. Jeanine escaped the genocide in 1994 because her husband was Tanzanian. She lost 100+ family members. 

RCEF sponsors extremely poor children in Rwanda who can't afford free schools because of the fees, supplies, and uniform costs associated with free schools in Rwanda. All poor families considered to have one child sponsored are vetted to determine their poverty condition. RCEF also distributes supplemental food to families who are in need. 

An elementary child (Grades 1- 6) sponsorship is $300 annually or $25 monthly. A Grades 7 - 12 sponsorhsip is $975 annually or $81.25 monthly. These students go to boarding schools which is the way it is done in Rwanda. 

Last year at this time we had 27 sponsored students which grew to 45 in June and over 100 in August. Our goal was 100 by the end of 2017. Today we have 122 sponsored students and our goal is 200 by the end of 2018. 

Vocational Training:

Partner with Global Humanitarian and Development Foundation (GHDF) to equip and supply a vocational training center in or near Kigali.

We have a partnership developing with Global Humanitarian and Development Foundation headed by Patrick Karangwa. GHDF does work in communities with vocational training centers. Our hope is to equip and supply a vocational training center in Kigali for youth and adults who don't go to college and want to learn a trade. We also have vision to build an elementary and secondary school in or near Kigali, which would have a vocational training center there as well for high school students or graduates and adults. 

Micro-Business Financing: 

Providing funds for poor parents to start micro businesses with education provided by an indigenous bank.

RCEF is in the process of a grant proposal with a Rotary Club in mid NH that would go to a bank in Kigali, Rwanda. They will use the money to lend to poor parents to start businesses with the bank providing the business education and training needed to start the businesses. 

Community Health Care:

Health Care for the entire family ($5 annually per person) included in the sponsorship of a child.

Presently when a child is sponsored, the government requires health care for the sponsored child and all of his family members at $5 per family member per year. That fee is included in a sponsorship price of $300 per year for an elementary children, grades 1- 6 and $975 for grades 7-12. This also includes supplemental food (bags of rice and beans). RCEF reports that some of these children eat one meal every three days. Every year a Christmas party is given for the sponsored children and meat is served at that party, and for most of the children this will be the only time they eat meat during the whole year.