It started back in 2000…

When founder Mark Warren, had been traveling back and forth to Honduras to help missionary friends, realized there was a common problem that faced many organizations that served the world's poor...raising funds. These organizations would eventually have to choose between either saving lives or stopping their work to raise money.  

Global Benefit was created to be help raise money on an organizations behalf; joining the effort to help fund projects that would change the lives of the poor by addressing the causes of poverty.  

Since that time, our supporters have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to help our partnering organizations.  We have come together to raise money to bring thousands of people clean water, funded school fees to send kids to school, and help rescue kids from human trafficking. Our donor's money found their way to smiling faces in Haiti, Honduras, India, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, and Uganda.

In 2011, Mark transitioned into full-time ministry as a pastor of a multi-campus church and gradually turned over projects to other faithful organizations. In 2017, new board members were invited to help steer Global Benefit with same heart but a fresh mission of: providing hope for those facing extreme poverty and distress through education, vocational training, micro-business financing, and community health care.

Global Benefit has since partnered with the Rwanda Children Education Foundation, raising funds for student sponsorships and the Global Humanitarian and Development Foundation, raising money for vocational training at community centers and recruiting volunteers for water engineering at refugee camps and internet marketing for micro-businesses.  

These and other worthy organizations are praying and planning for more generous givers who will partner with them through Global Benefit. Please join us in our quest to bring hope to many more needy and deserving families.


Past Impact:


thousand Dollars Raised

To fund wells being dug, student education sponsorship, research on selenium for aids medication, and much more.



people enjoying clean water

When a well is installed and clean water is brought to a village, individual’s health and quality of life increases dramatically.



clean water wells dug

Nations impacted include: Haiti, Honduras, India, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, and Uganda.