Our Mission:

Global Benefit seeks to provide hope for those facing extreme poverty and distress through education, vocational training, micro-business financing, and community health care.



Our mission can be broken down into four main components: Education, Vocational Training, Micro-Business Financing, and Community Health Care.


Sponsoring very poor children (Grades 1-12) to attend free schools with expenses they can't afford, and providing supplemental food and health care for the entire family.

We are partnering with RCEF, Rwanda Children Educational Foundation, with staff and an office in Kigali, Rwanda, the Capital city. Executive Director Jeanine Mukarubega survived the genocide against the Tutsis and resides in New Hampshire.

RCEF sponsors extremely poor children in Rwanda who can't afford the costs associated with education in Rwanda. All participating children are vetted to determine their poverty condition. RCEF also distributes supplemental food to families who are in need. 

An elementary child (Grades 1- 6) sponsorship is $325 annually. Grades 7-12 students are placed in boarding schools with annual sponsorship at $975.

At present we have 100 sponsored students. 

Micro-Business Financing: 

Providing funds for parents of sponsored students to start micro businesses and receive training in business and financial management provided by an indigenous bank.

In cooperation with Rotary Clubs in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire RCEF has secured a Rotary International Global Grant. Micro-credit loans have been extended to 56 parents of sponsored children, and business education and financial training has been provided to all participants. Mont Joli Rotary Club in Kigali and RCEF staff oversee this vital program.

Community Health Care:

Low cost Government Health Care for each student is included in the sponsorship of a child.

When a child is sponsored, health care is included. Supplemental food is distributed on a periodic basis. A Christmas party is given for the sponsored children, and meat is served at that party. For most of the children this will be the only time they eat meat during the entire year. 




Executive Director:

Dr. Rick Bonifas



Dr. Alan Graustein



Karl E Barnard

Board Members:

Pastor Mark Warren (founder), Attorney Paul Hedges, and Mr. Patrick Karangwa