May 2018 Update


Global Benefit (GB) raises funds for quality indigenous organizations providing hope for families facing extreme poverty and distress through education, vocational training, micro-business financing, and family/community health care. This past December, the Rwanda Children Education Foundation (RCEF) had its annual Christmas dinner/party for the 122 children and young people (Grades 1 - 12) being sponsored to attend school. For most, if not all of these children, this is the one meal throughout the year where they will eat meat. The celebration was a wonderful time of thanksgiving for all God has done. Families are vetted for poverty and academic qualifications and are mentored both educationally and spiritual by FCEF staff.


Through your generous prayer and financial support GB surpassed its goal of 100 sponsored school children by the end of 2017, and is working toward its goal of 200 by the end of 2018. From May 11-21, 2018, Global Benefit Chairman Alan Graustein, his wife Joan, and Executive Director, Rick Bonifas, will be traveling to Rwanda to promote RCEF (also involved in micro-business financing) and The Global Humanitarian and Development Foundation (GHDF) which provides vocational training and micro-business education. Rick is bringing six friends from KIngdom Facilitators in New York City who have raised funds for projects in six countries including Mozambique, India, and China. Alan is bringing a friend from a Rotary Club in NH for a micro-business initiative and two sons of Jeanine Makurabega, the Executive Director of RCEF who flew early to Rwanda to serve as our host.

Finally, as we prepare for our trip, please pray for:  

  • Our travel and our guests as they catch a vision for the people of Rwanda.

  • The advancement of RCEF and GHDF missions.

  • The Government officials, banking and finance personnel, school administrators, and RCEF students and parents that we are meeting with.

  • The necessary prayer and financial support to reach more families.

  • Provision for a small pick-up truck for visiting families and distributing food in the land of a thousand hills.

Thank you for your participation!

Rick Bonifas

(917) 612-6694




John Wallace